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My name is martin, I am from Qatar
I came to India for Dental Treatment. I came to Dr. Balu and I visited 5 other doctors and I felt very comfortable dealing with Dr. Balu and Dr. Ramya. Actually, the thing is that they explained everything clearly before doing anything and they explain about the foundation of the problems before doing other stuff. So I came here to have my bridges and crown and root canal treatment. We have done it in less than one week, It was amazing as I have to leave soon. Actually, I became a member of this family, I never felt like that in another country. I was texting the doctor all the time and he was replying all time and appointments were on time and i was so happy to deal with them. So everyone do come and have treatments here. In this dental solutions with DR.balu and I would also like to thank Dr Ramya.

I am from Italy.
I found this dental solutions clinic in the internet and I contacted with them by e-mail and the answers were really prompt and professional and I came here for some treatments. The clinic ambiance is very very good, every thing is well maintained it looks nice ande its relaxing. The stuff is very gorgeous also the hygiene is really really very well. Dr. Balu and Dr. Ramya was very very attentive to my needs. The treatment I had was quite complex but really not initial for me it was some twilight technique with the photon laser for treating some gum problems that I had, plus i had some inlays on my teeth. Every thing was fine and I definitely recommend Dr. Balu and Dr. Ramyas clinic because it is much more economic than in the developed country in the west and also the way they treated was very very nice.

My name is Dr. Mohammed Ahammed
I am 75 years old and I am practicing in UK for the last 46 years as a general medical practiser. And my special interest is diabetes which i have recently completed my masters in diabetes, I had implants in the past in Uk, two implants and I felt I needed more implants but the costing was the main factor. So I decided to come because of my nephew who suggested Dr. Ramya's clinic which gives implants and root canal treatment. As soon as I came here I was quite impressed with Dr. Ramya, her approach and the explanation she gives to the patient is exactly the same way I do to my patients in UK. So she fixed into all the recommendations I had about her and her clinic is quite comfortable and the staff are very helpfull and I had excellent treatment. I had a root canal treatment in India before and I found that Dr. Ramya's root canal treatment was excellent and I recovered from the pain and she make sure that I never had pain which I don't mind I have any more root canal treatment. As far as the implant is concerned I had some assumptions before but the thing is that the approach is extremely different in India compared to UK. But the main thing that bring me down to India was the costing, the costing was nearly 60% less than the UK implant. And quite I had already one implant from her where , 2 implant treatment I had, 1st I had the implant putted after three month or four months I came back and she followed up properly she had a re-x-ray and found out the bone development is quite solid and she went ahead to put the cap for the implant and the costing of the selection of the tooth was of my choice because of the costing as well as my age I thought that I will go for the 10 year guarantee tooth which is quite comfortable and its little bit more costlier than 5years guarantee tooth but still it is cheaper than in England. Englands capping is nearly 50% more than what I have been charged by Dr Ramya and I highly recommend Dr Ramyas approach , the treatment, the staff the explanation with th patient which is most important, again the costing she tried to keep it down as much as low as possible according to you taste, if you want further reduction in the fees you can go for a cheaper tooth, obviously she had given me the choice still I am very happy and content with her approach and her quality of care and follow up and she reminds her staff also and was so helpful. Sometimes you forget and the staff usually remainds within 24 hours that your appointment is there that was pleasing. If you are leading a busy life he always try to change the appointment to your convenience so I cant find any faults with these treatment or the approach or the costing of the treatment and I have already started recommending Dr. Ramya for dental care particularly root canal treatment as well as the implant so I don't have any further hesitation to give a top class ranking for her treatment and approach and for implants I will come back to Ramya rather than getting treatment in Uk.

My name is MR.Nousal I came from USA for dental treatment. Dr. Balasubramanya - his hospitality is very good and his treatment also good, I feel very good about this treatment and it is not very expensive and is very less costly compared to other country. Thank you very much.

Hi, My name is liza, I am coming from Australia, I wanted to get some dental treatment done. Everyone here was really professional and the laser treatment done was really good, I felt very comfortable, everything was really really good

My name is Thomas Stephen
I am coming from Sweden I got some emergency tooth problems and I went to dental solution in Indiranagar and I got really good help there and I am very comfortable of getting the treatment for root canal and new crown.

Hi my name is Holy. I came to dental solutions in Indiranagar, Bangalore. I am really happy with everything.

Hi Merry Thomas I came to dental solutions Indiranagar for some laser work on my teeth. I am extremely happy and every body is lovely here and it was a great time.

Iam Navialgera I come from Ivory coast in Africa, then i got dental problems and came to dental solutions i got the treatment, it was very nice, very cool and Dr.Ramya was very cool . Now i am feeling very good and normal, I am so happy.