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Highly dependent on the condition of the tooth a root canal treatment can even be completed in one visit. By and large, when patients are used to a predictable treatment modality such as the multiple visit RCT, they are generally not receptive to changes in common practice. Dental Solutions, Bangalore aims to bust another myth about root canal treatments. Traditionally complete sterility of the root canal before the obturation process required the procedure to take place in multiple sittings. With refined and advanced cleaning techniques a single visit is enough to achieve the desired results that RCT aims to provide. Efficient and effective outcomes can be obtained with titanium instrumentations, reliable and accurate apex locators, microscopic and laser endodontics, digital radiography, biocompatible sealants and other advanced obturation systems.

Biomechanical preparation for single visit RCT:

In the multiple visit RCT, it is a common practice to involve three elements of the preparation - the mechanical removal of infected dentin and pulp tissue, irrigation of the root canal and administration of intra-canal medicaments. In the single visit RCT, the third element is not required. Ideally, intra-canal medicaments are placed in the root canal to disinfect it in between treatments. This is not necessary with the single visit RCT since the treatment is completed in a single visit. As a preparatory process, it is important that the pulp tissue and infected dentin of non-vital teeth also removed. Irrigating solutions are allowed to penetrate into the tubules and kill the bacteria thus disinfecting the root canal system. After that by opening the pulp chamber it is flooded with carbamide peroxide gel and EDTA for lubrication to explore the canal. The debris is automatically loosened by the EDTA to be removed.


Several techniques are utilized to obturate till the apex. In the case of over instrumentation, a lateral condensation method is recommended. For sealing, resin-based sealers are advised to create a hermetic seal.

Misconceptions of the single visit RCT

There are several misconceptions surrounding the single visit RCT listed as below:

Pain is one of the most popular illusions of the single visit RCT: It has been proven that single visit RCT is less painful than multi-visit RCTs.

Incomplete disinfection of the canal: When the RCT is done with appropriate-sized biomechanical preparation, using the right irrigants such as Warm NaOCL, 4% chlorhexidine, and hydrogen peroxide, sealing the main root canal immediately with 3D dental obturation kills any bacteria present due to the tight closure of the dentinal tubules thus enabling prompt healing.

Single visit RCTs take a lot of time: In fact, advancements in the NiTi Rotary files have reduced the average single sitting time from 60 minutes to 45 minutes.

Periapical lesions do not heal: A periapical lesion is located outside the structure of the tooth and surrounded by connective tissues that provide a good supply of blood. The body’s healing mechanism and the prescriptive medications both help in the healing of the lesions. Besides RCT is confined within the structure of the tooth only and does not affect the healing responses of periapical lesions.

Dental Solutions conduct this highly sensitive treatment with the utmost accuracy which is a pre-requisite to performing the single visit RCT.

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