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Treatment with prosthodontics depends on the patients’ oral health and age. The scope of prosthodontics extends from prosthetic implantations to prophylactic treatments. Some of the restorative prosthesis and services covered by prosthodontics are:

  • Crown-root inlays

  • All-ceramic crowns

  • Ceramic onlays

  • Veneers

  • Removable dentures

  • Complete dentures

  • Metal frame dentures

  • Implant prosthetics

  • DSD

Prosthodontic crowns are placed when there is significant damage to the crown of the tooth. Prosthodontic bridges replace missing teeth or tooth and are supported by bridge abutments. Frontal and buccal sides of the teeth are affixed with veneers which are thin ceramic plates. All of them have their own advantages pertaining to aesthetic outcomes, durability and closure of diastemas.

Digital Smile Design at Dental Solutions

Invented by Christian Coachman, Digital Smile Design or DSD is a revolutionary concept to provide emotionally and artistically inclined dental solutions with the advantages of accuracy and precision in treatment. It categorically improves smiles through a smile design process which enables patients’ to fashion their own smile supported by clinical directions. DSD is a highly skilled procedure and requires acumen. There are very few doctors in India trained in DSD and Dr. Ramya from Dental Solutions, Bangalore is one of them.

Prosthodontic treatments improve FACE VALUE. Visit Dental Solutions for complete consultations on restorative treatments.