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The dental operating microscope provides the dental surgeon with high magnification values that improves ergonomics and enhances efficiency giving premium results to a procedure. It is one of the newest and ever-evolving technologies that redefine the concept visualization. Critical decision-making during treatments and procedures make it a key criterion to use the dental microscope for accuracy. There are several advantages to the use of the microscope:

  • Procedures can be performed with precision

  • Locate and fill the accessory canal (RCT)

  • The variability and adjustability of magnifications provide shadow-free lighting

  • It expands the scope of diagnostic options

  • The view can be down up to the apex of the root canal

  • The furthest point of view is at infinity

  • Allows best possible working posture (avoids back and neck pains)

  • With a video camera attached, patients can be better counseled with regard to the procedures

  • A magnified image from the microscope can say more than a thousand words

Dental Solutions, Bangalore

Though the value of the dental diagnostic and operating microscope is well-established not every dental clinic in the country invests in it due to sheer ignorance of contribution. Dental Solutions proves itself to be empathetic and conscientious by utilizing the right equipment in the manner that is best suited to practice and patient. The microscope has proven to be an indispensable tool in dental practice. At Dental Solutions, Bangalore, the microscope is used for general dentistry and restoration, root canal treatments, root cleaning, curettage, gum surgery, flap surgery and much more.