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Periodontal disease is a polymicrobial infection caused due to different amalgams of bacteria the consequence of interaction between the bacteria and the immune system. While many of these are present in the plaque itself they collect beneath the gum line.

LASER THERAPY is an innovative technique used to treat deep infections beneath the gum line. Popularly the ERBIUM YAG AND ND YAG LASERs are used to access and remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. After removal of the infected tissue, the root is exposed. Root scaling is performed where the calcified tartar and plaque build-up below the gum line are scraped off smoothening the root of any rough areas that might attract bacterial deposits thus eliminating any future infections. The area between the gum and the root regenerated during the healing process. The bacteria which are accumulated below the gingival line are coloured bacteria, when the lasers are activated in the sub gingival area the bacteria are attracted towards the LASERS. Evacuation of bacterial colony is much better in the laser procedure when compared to conventional or traditional procedure.

Technology at Dental Solutions


Not all dental procedures are performed at the same wavelength. Wavelengths vary in accordance to reaction of the body tissues to a particular laser frequency and wavelength. Being the first digitally controlled hand piece, the TwinLight® Technology was formulated to work on two superior wavelengths the Er:YAG and the Nd:YAG. Chemo-mechanical procedures fail to debride root canal systems that are anatomically complex and challenging. Overcoming this disadvantage TwinLight® adopts the photocaustic non-thermal shock waves following which the subcanals are also rendered clean. All smear layers are eliminated from the dentinal tubules.

Advantages of the TwinLight®

  • Solid crystal lasers are used to emit gold standard Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers

  • Fast and efficient cutting both hard and soft tissues

  • Patient feels LESS discomfort during and after procedure

  • Tissue surgery is carried out with precision along with a simultaneous disinfection

  • Due to homogeneous absorption properties of the Nd:YAG laser in soft tissue, controlled tissue vaporization occurs with simultaneous coagulation

  • Moderate-to-severe periodontal disease are treated without the usage of scalpels or sutures

  • Procedures are quicker, less stressful with minimal pain and bleeding

  • Cross-contaminations are completely eliminated with the TwinLight®

  • Greater pocket reduction in TwinLight® technique

LANAP – Laser assisted new attachment procedure

The LANAP protocol is the latest technology benefiting patients with restorative treatments using pain free dentistry. Used as a regenerative procedure to treat periodontal disease, this non-invasive treatment is extremely comfortable both for the patient and the doctor. The procedure is particularly designed to remove the infection, disinfect the area, preserve the tissues around the teeth and not harm healthy tissues.

Dr Balasubramanya KV one of the very few renowned laser specialists who possesses distinctive expertise in managing several LANAP procedures.

Gingivectomy by lasers is the procedure performed to excise the overgrowth of the gingiva. Gingival overgrowth is the unwanted side effect of certain medicines, due to hormones and systemic diseases. This could be a cosmetic problem, interfering with eating and speech, impeding effective tooth cleaning and forcing teeth out of alignment.

Dr Balasubramanya KV one of the pioneers in laser gingivectomy and is well versed in managing cases of gingival enlargement.

Laser-assisted Treatments at Dental Solutions

The following laser treatments are performed at Dental solutions, INDIRANAGAR

Laser tongue-tied procedure: Dental solutions, Indiranagar, India pioneers in introducing state–of-the-art technology in laser treatments using Light walker lasers with twin light concept. LightWalker lasers are designed for ultimate versatility, with one of the most comprehensive lists of clinical applications available on any dental laser.

Gingivoplasty: Gingivoplasty makes the gums look better. Abnormally formed gums are reshaped with gingivoplasty to make them look aesthetic and natural. Done along with the gum graft, and under local anaesthesia, the pocket depth is marked, a bevelled incision marking is made and laser used to cut the excess gum tissues.

Frenectomy and frenotomy: The procedure involves the release of the frenum in the upper lip or tongue with the help of vapourization of the tissue using light energy. The procedure causes limited or no discomfort.

Laser bleaching or laser depigmentation: Laser teeth bleaching or teeth whitening procedure is done to remove discolourations of teeth due to aging, smoking, tobacco use, and unhygienic oral habits. Melanin deposition makes the gums appear black. Whitening agents are applied to the teeth that respond to laser that is projected on the teeth after application.

Laser assisted flap surgery: Where traditional flap surgery involved amputation of the gum tissue laser surgery targets only the diseased tissue and leave the healthy gum intact.

Lichen planus: Oral lichen planus in a chronic inflammatory condition and can turn into SCC. Laser therapy with red diode of 630 nm is used to eliminate the disease with absolutely no side effects.

Leukoplakia: Laser treatment for leukoplakia is extremely useful especially with the recurrence rates with other treatments. Laser therapy eliminates the disease and avoids malignant transformation and arrests the formation of new lesions.

Wart removal: Wart removal with lasers is the most effective treatment especially when all other treatments have failed.

Crown lengthening: Laser-assisted soft-tissue crown lengthening procedure attempts to create healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and maintainable gingival contours.

Smile design – The minimally invasive laser procedure removes all excessive gingival tissues and resculpts uneven gingiva.

OSMF – Chronic oral submucous fibrosis is treated with diode lasers under local anaesthesia. They offer excellent results against conventional treatments.

Tooth extractions: In tooth extractions dental lasers separate the surrounding ligaments from the tooth to loosen it. It then falls off easily out of the pocket.

DR Balasubramanya at Dental solutions, BANGALORE, INDIA is well versed in various laser treatment modalities. He underwent extensive training in the usage of procedural soft tissue lasers in Germany in the year of 2010 besides training for the FOTONA hard tissue lasers in Ljubljana in the year of 2012 (Laser & health academy). He heads Dental Solutions as a Consultant and laser practitioner in periodontics.