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Dental Solutions, Bangalore uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology for the remedial achievements of hard and soft tissue complaints in dentistry. In dental treatments, lasers are used as cutting tools or vapourizers during surgical procedures, and during tooth-filling procedures, it creates a hard bond between the filling and the tooth. It is also used in teeth whitening procedures where it acts as a bleaching agent.

Prominent uses of laser

Some prominent uses of laser in dentistry are:

  • Teeth whitening: Whitening of teeth with the application of a bleaching peroxide solution which is activated with laser to hasten the process

  • Biopsy: Small tissues are excised to examine them for cancer

  • Tooth decay: The decay within the tooth is removed and the surrounding enamel readied for filling

  • Gum disease: Bacteria is removed during root canal procedures and gums are reshaped with the help of lasers

Advantages of dental lasers

Laser has several advantages as against the traditional dental drill:

  • Painless treatment

  • Minimal anaesthesia required

  • Reduces anxiety in patients

  • Minimizes soft tissue bleeding and swelling

  • Greater healing abilities after laser application

  • Cavities are removed alongside the preservation of healthy teeth - Need not to worry about the Drilling sound and vibration- ER-YAG Laser work with Non- Contact hand piece- this unique technology will eliminate the fear, in this procedure. The path of Laser beam removes the cavity without contacting the tooth.

The Technology

Fotona Lightwalker ® is the latest of innovations in dental laser systems. Each dental laser wavelength works with a specific thermal output. Different lasers are functionally used for distinct purposes. The Lightwalker has a digitally-controlled hand piece with two of the best wavelengths – the Er:YAG 2940 nanometer wavelength and Nd:YAG 1064 nanometer wavelength providing some of the best clinical outcomes. To date, the Lightwalker is considered as the gold standard equipment for dental laser treatments. They are highly versatile with over 40 different applications to choose from and a touch-screen for pre-programming treatments. As soon as the type of treatment is selected, the optimum parameters are automatically loaded to start work immediately. High success rates are achieved with the instrument Fotona. The patient’s confidence in dental treatments is well-established due to favourable experiences with the treatment.

Endodontic Treatments With Fotona TwinLight ®

Traditional chemo-mechanical endodontic treatments battled with incompetent debridement of complex root canal systems. Besides it was insufficient in disinfecting dentinal walls. In a simple two-step procedure:

    The Er:YAG laser in TwinLight employs the photocaustic streaming methodology that uses non-thermal shock waves along with the debridement and cleansing solutions. As a result, the dentinal tubules, canals, and sub-canals of the teeth are free of inorganic material and debris. This feature is available only with the Fotona lasers.

    The Nd:YAG laser decontaminates the dentinal walls with high peak-pulse power. The high temperature removes bacteria lodged in the teeth.

The new titanium technology ensures stability even with constant sterilization and reuse process ensuring high levels of patient hygiene. The integrated water and air spray tips fortify patient comfort.

Besides endodontic treatments, Lightwalker has several other key therapies that it can perform pertaining to implantology, conservative dentistry, peri-implantitis, periodontics and oral surgery.

Dental Solutions assuage all fears of dental operations with smooth and congenial treatment procedures using the most advanced and intelligent technology pertinent to patient’s dental needs.