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Fluoride treatments are predominantly administered to avoid tooth decay. The acid produced as a result of bacteria and sugars in the mouth erode the protective enamel of the teeth. Vital minerals are lost causing demineralization. This leads to the formation of holes or cavities in the tooth. The process of remineralization with fluoride treatment helps in strengthening teeth by bonding the weakened areas of the tooth enamel. Acid production is disrupted and the process of tooth decay is inhibited. Fluoride treatments are meant for individuals of all ages. In children, fluoride treatments are especially helpful while teeth are still forming. They make permanent teeth stronger and resistant to decay over the years. Fluoride application also benefits adults with susceptibility to tooth decay.

The following individuals can benefit from fluoride treatment:

  • Children with developing teeth

  • People with dry mouth

  • History of cavities

  • Poor dental hygiene

  • Individuals who have crowns and bridges fitted

  • People with braces

  • Individuals who have a high-sugar diet and are frequent snackers

  • People who are frequent bottled-water drinkers

In general, fluoride treatments help individuals who don’t have enough fluoride.

Dental Solutions, Bangalore

Fluoride is known to be effective in controlling tooth decay. At Dental Solutions, acidulated phosphate fluoride also known as APF or neutral sodium fluoride is used for treatment. It is applied either in the form of a gel, varnish or foam for about 5 minutes. At Dental Solutions, experts also provide prescriptive home fluoride treatments to enhance the overall health of the teeth.