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Being a land of myriad attractions, such as historical monuments, natural formations and more importantly information technology, India has still a large scope for expansion of its tourism industry. Yielding a foreign exchange of about $ 15 billion in the year 2010, tourism is yet a driving economic force with tourism jobs on the rise in the country.

Medical tourism has had its fair share of opportunities having risen from $310 million a year to $ 2 billion per annum. Patients travelling abroad for affordable dental treatments, dental surgery and other associated dental procedures constitute about 10% of the total Indian medical tourism industry. The dental tourism industry is all set to be the next big opportunity in India. Due to the low wage structures dental tourism (for that matter all aspects of medical tourism too) in India is extremely cost-effective with conjunctional provision of high-quality therapies to its patients. India houses over 100,000 dentists, and over 10,000 dental specialists that are inclusive of orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pedodontists, prosthodontists and implantologists. With inexpensive treatments and parallel premier technology, India provides some of the best treatments in comparison to the EU and the western market on the whole. The doctors are well-trained, experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Clinical equipments match international standards to provide optimum results.


Bangalore is the capital city of the southern state of Karnataka, India. Before Kempegowda who invented Bangalore, the original name of the city was BENDA KALURU. The Britishers then changed the name to Bangalore which is now known as BANGALURU. It is one of the biggest hubs of the IT industry and has a pleasant climate - a blessing which most south Indian states in India do not enjoy. With a population of about 4.5 million, it is considered as the third most populous city in India. Besides it also attained the status of being the fifth-most populous urban cluster in the country. Coined as the “Silicon Valley of India” some of the nation’s leading technological firms have found footage in the city such as Wipro, Flipkart, Infosys, ISRO, HAL etc. Bangalore is the fastest-growing major metropolis in India. It ranks fourth in the overall GDP contribution which is to the tune of $83 billion right after Mumbai and Delhi.

There are several temples, historical and medieval sites to explore besides modern hotel, restaurants and other establishments that are a treat to the eye. Of course, the adequate concentration of travel and tours companies around the area provides specific and customized tours of the city which include a package of traditional and cultural heritage sites too.

The following are some of the important places to visit in and around Bangalore:

National Gallery of Modern Art: A 100-year-old mansion, it was once the vacation house of the Maharaja of Mysore. There are two wings to the museum, the old wing that has paintings and works from the pre-independence era and the new wing that has post-independence exhibits. It is a world-class museum with several well-preserved artefacts.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple: Located in Magadi the temple is situated on the Tirumale hill. Its sanctum was consecrated by the Chola King sometime in the 12th century. In the 16th century the powerful emperor Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara renovated it by building beautiful the gopuras now adorning the top of the temple.

The Big Banyan Tree: Known as Dodda Alada Mara the huge banyan tree is a popular tourist destination situated in the village of Kethohalli. The tree is spread around 3 acres of land and is about 400 years old. It is the second largest tree in India with more than one thousand aerial roots and is about 250 m in circumference.

Kolar: Once famous for its gold mines, this little town is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangalore. One of the most ancient temples the Kolaramma temple built in the 5th century by the Ganga dynasty is located here.

Lepakshi: Found during the reign of the Vijayanagara king during the 16th century, it contains some of the finest paintings and architectures with shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Veerabhadra. The hanging pillar is one of the most wondrous architectural creations located within its vicinity.

Mysore: Located about 139 kms from Bangalore, Mysore is the second largest city in Karnataka. It has many tourist attractions such as gardens, museums and temples. The city was once ruled by the kings Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan till about 1799.

Cubbon Park: Cubbon park is a garden that is sprawled on 120 hectares. Lined around it are the Central Library built in gothic style, Vidhana Soudha built in Dravidian styleand Attara Katcheri which is neoclassical.

The Palace of Tipu Sultan: Adorned with teak pillars and ornamental frescos, sitting close to the vibrant Krishnarajendra market is the palace of Tipu Sultan. Originally built by Kempe Gowda the founder of Bangalore it was later given over to Tipu Sultan by the emperor of Mysore.

HAL Aerospace Museum: This museum is located in the old airport and depicts India’s aeronautical history. Some of the most indigenous models of aircrafts are displayed here. Simulator machines also offer mock dog fights on the first floor.

Why Dental Tourism with Dental Solutions, Bangalore?

In addition to exploring Bangalore and India international patients also save on dental treatments that would otherwise prove costly for them in any other overseas location. India’s aesthetic topography, mystical arts and rich culture along with world class dental clinics in the area make Bangalore a favoured destination in India. One of the main reasons for international patients to seek treatments in India is quality assurance.

Spread over 2200 Sq. ft. of clinical space, Dental Solutions, employs a team of doctors who are well-experienced and trained in Europe. The clinic is extremely well-equipped with European equipment measuring up to international standards. All dental speciality practices are conveniently available under one roof. With a dedicated group of doctors and dental specialists the staffs ensure quick appointment systems to patients, thus eliminating lengthy and prolonged waiting periods which are often the case with clinics in developed countries. Besides cost-effective treatment modalities, Dental Solutions also offer assured, quality treatment to their patients.

History and Infrastructure of Dental Solutions

Dental Solutions is a speciality dental clinic established in 2007 with a mission to provide world class dental facilities with best, leading dental care and solutions to its patients. Located in the heart of Bangalore city, the clinic was founded by Dr. K.V.Balusubramanya and Dr.Ramya. The facility is well-maintained with international-quality ambiance with the following modern arrangements for the patients:

  • 4 cabins with comfortable and adjustable dental operating chairs

  • In-house OPG machine

  • Fotona Hard tissue Laser

  • KAVO soft tissue laser

  • RVG X-ray unit

  • Dental Microscope

  • Rotatory unit for RCT

  • Acteon Dc X-ray machine

  • Dental microscope

  • Conference room

The highest levels of hygiene and sterilization methodologies are adopted with hand-picked equipments undergoing continuous upgradations to meet world class standards. The objective of Dental Solutions is to embrace minimally invasive dentistry or MID techniques to provide patients with optimal relief.

Dr. Balusubramanya and Dr. Ramya

Dr. Balasubramanya and Dr. Ramya are well-experienced dental surgeons who have traveled extensively around the world to amass immense knowledge about the modern techniques and practices from and across several subcontinents. In due course, they both planned to implement their acquired knowledge which helped international patients to avail similar facilities within India and regain confidence in India which is an achievement for us Indians!

They have both strived to successfully implement the concept of “Dental Tourism”, with a greater and broader approach to overseas patients. International patients, who visit India during their vacations along with their family, usually return to their native country without consulting the in-house dental doctors. Dental Solutions has reversed this trend. So far the patients who have visited us from abroad are very satisfied with the ambiance and approach provided to them. At Dental Solutions, trained doctors are available round the clock.

Dr Balasubramanya and Dr. Ramya are both experts in their fields and endeavour to give you the smile that you deserve. The doctors at Dental Solutions are experts in their respective disciplines and provide treatment solutions that best fit everyone’s needs. At the clinic, each and every patient is well-taken care of with each of their needs being addressed in detail. Transparent processes within the clinic ensure that patients are updated with the procedures, costs, risks, benefits and the alternatives involved before they decide to proceed with a treatment.

The clinic is very approachable from any part of the country. In Bangalore, it is very close to MG Road, Brigade road etc. with enough parking spaces available for all.