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Tooth extraction involves a certain amount of trauma and is performed for a wide range of reasons. Problematic and impacted wisdom teeth are routinely extracted or permanent teeth may be extracted to create space for orthodontic treatments. In most cases tooth with limited accessibility may have to be extracted because of breakage under the gum or incomplete eruption.

Traditional dental extraction forceps are like a pair of pliers requiring two equal squeezing forces and a third force of the arm to release the tooth from its socket. The action is similar to that of a bottle opener. The handles of the forceps may allow the dentist to grasp the tooth but does not provide any mechanical advantage resulting in trauma.

Physics Forceps are a new and innovative, clinically effective system designed for atraumatic extractions. Innovatively fabricated by a dentist and after vigorous clinical testing, the patented device eliminates the requirement of brute force that is usually applied for extraction. Instead it uses the beak & bumper technique that works on the concept of leverage.

Available in the Standard Series (GMX 100/200) the forceps are designed with a unique extraction system that allows gentle and constant pressure to be applied to the tooth. The process triggers chemical changes in PDL and facilitates release of the fibres. A simple rongeur or even fingers can be used to remove the released tooth.

The Molar Series (GMX 400) are clinically effective, easy-to-use forceps also associated with the beak & bumper technique simplifying complex molar extractions. It consists of first-class lever mechanics that act as dental elevators. The ‘bumper’ acts as a fulcrum and is placed on the mucogingival junction on the facial aspect with the ‘beak’ simultaneously being placed on the palatal root of the tooth. When the forceps are placed appropriately squeezing pressure need not be applied and handles are rotated only a few degrees to release the molar.

The Pedodontic Series (GMX 50) are specifically designed to suit deciduous or primary teeth. The design is that of the Standard Series but is 30% smaller to fit into pediatric teeth. Tooth release is similar to the Standard Series (GMX 100/200).

Advantages of Physics Forceps:

  • Extractions are atraumatic

  • Root tip fractures are eliminated

  • Predictable extractions with marked efficiency

  • Flap elevation or laying is not required

  • Operator movement or strength is very limited

  • Compressive force of the bumper holds the bone in place and supports it thus preserving it

At Dental Solutions, Bangalore

Dental Solutions pioneer in the usage of new generation extraction Physics Forceps that facilitate extraction procedures with utmost patient comfort. Difficult extractions are simplified and the process is completed quickly.